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Have you ever heard the saying, “I’m too poor to buy the cheapest things?”

Power Washing Back Patio FloridaI really like that saying. I’m not sure who said it but it often makes sense. If you think about it buying the cheapest thing often means having to replace it many times over making it more expensive in the long run. Except when it comes to this tool: A pressure washer.

Pressure cleaners are tools that have a motor powering a pump to push water through a nozzle creating a high pressure jet wash – best pressure washer reviews here. The cost of a washer is determined by the quality of the motor and pump that’s it. And electric motors and accompanying pumps have become so affordable for high quality that you can get them (good ones) for cheap. So lets look at respectively affordable electric and gas power washers. By respectable I mean under $250 more a machine that a few years ago could only be afforded by professionals. We’ll look at Karcher and Generac brand.

Generac power cleaners are gas powered and offer the best residential cleaners for the price. They use Generac engines and pumps to ensure the quality is guaranteed in-house. What makes them so good yet affordable is the Generac brand engine. It is OHV and reliable. Generac is known for their generators and the power washers play off of the expertise they gained making those engines. For $250 you can get a Generac washer that can do any job around your home.

Karcher pressure cleaners are electric powered  and are some of the most trusted electric washers on the market. The man who started Karcher actually invented the pressure washer and started his company to sell them. So they technically have the most experience with making them.

So what can you do with one?

Any cleaning you would have done with a garden hose or by scrubbing by hand can be done with a power washer. Think cleaning your car, cleaning out your gutters, your boat, your driveway, your back patio, your hot tub or pool and many more.

For only $100 to $250 you could increase the curb appeal of your home and increase the value by $10,000 in one day with a cleaner.

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April 10th, 2014 at 9:30 pm

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